Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact Abbeyfield Houses of Vernon Society by phone at 250.542.3711, or use our Contact Form to send us a message.

Is the House accessible to visitors in wheelchairs?
The house is accessible by wheelchair and so are the lovely gardens.  There is an elevator to the second floor.

Does the House accommodate residents with reduced mobility?
Residents with reduced mobility (e.g. those using canes or walkers) are usually housed on the ground floor so that they are not dependent on the elevator and to ensure they can exit easily in the event of power outages or fire.

May I have a kettle in my room to make tea?
Residents are not allowed a kettle in their room for safety reasons.  They are welcome to make drinks at any time using the kettle or coffee machine at the breakfast bar beside or near the kitchen.

Will I have to share bathroom facilities?
Each room has a private sink and toilet.  There is a shower and tub on both floors for any residents to use.

Can my friends or family have lunch or dinner here?
Please let the House Coordinator know in advance so that preparation can be made for another plate at the table. Check with the Coordinator for the current rates for meals.

Can married couples be accommodated?
Abbeyfield Vernon’s priority is to provide a home for people who are living alone and so our rooms are not large enough to accommodate two persons.

Where can I find photos or videos of the House and rooms?
Photos are sprinkled throughout this website, and you can also view videos and photos on the Abbeyfield Vernon Facebook page. Or, view and scroll through our feed on the Fun & Games page on this website.


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